It’s Time For Another Revolution

Exactly two years ago World global network started a revolution that has change the way and manner we communicate, advertise and generate energy.This revolution has really contributed positively results in lives of lots of affiliates that became part of the first phase of the revolution worldgn started three years ago. For the past few months,world global network has really proven […]

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Wor(l)dGN TopTeam Weekly Conference Calls

  WorldGN TopTeam Conference Call 25/01/14    WorldGN TopTeam Conference Call 01/02/14   WorldGN TopTeam Conference Call 08/02/14    WorldGN TopTeam Conference Call 16/02/14    WorldGN TopTeam Conference Call 22/02/14     These are past recording of our conference calls that comes up every saturday night at exactly 9:00pm Nigeria time.If you are interested in being a part of the […]

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Wor(l)d Global Network Presentation-Detailed

Understanding the full concept of wor(l)d global network has been a challenge to some where most comprehend partly.I decided to take the time to explain it to it’s totality. In this 40 minutes plus video,i talked about the company,the management ,the products lines, how to make money from this business,how you can become an affiliate to the company and what […]

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