Adkash – Mobile Advertising BreakThrough

ADKASH (1)Majority of people never believe this could happen but it’s happening in front of their nose.Earning money for viewing mobile advert on their android phone is what most people could not imagine it could happen.
Thanks to a visionary company like Wor(l)dGMN that has came up with an innovative mobile advertising delivery system called Wor(l)d Adkash.

This piece of application that works solely with an android OS(operating system) apt least for now,allow both users and affiliates to earn for viewing ads on their mobile phone whenever they receive call,SMS or MMS.
Each incoming calls,SMS or MMS can earn you as high as 5cent and as low as 2cents on each view ads.

Wor(l)dGMN is the first network marketing company that has been to introduce this innovative mobile advertisement concept to the public.

They now decided to share their profit with adkash affiliates and users for allow their mobile phone to be use as the platform to advertise those companies products and services.
Note only that,affiliates and users that are good in sharing this piece of application to other people,will ern more than an individual that uses it all alone.

Affiliates an users can earn as high as $1 per week on each active affiliates they introduce to the system and also earn up 0.20cent commission on the total money their earn for viewing ads on their own mobile.

The money you earn is determine by two factors;
1. How often you receive calls,SMS or MMS
2. How large your network is

Example For An Affiliate That Choose To Do It Alone;

If an affiliate or user download the FREE Adkash Apps,
he/she will earn up to $0.05cent each time he/she receive a call,SMS or MMS.
Assuming he receive a minimum of 10 calls and 10 sms daily,

Daily incoming messages (10 + 10)=20 per day.
Daily earning will be 20 X 0.05=$2 per day
For 30days = 2 x 30= $60 per month.

Now imagine people that receive 100’s of calls daily.How much do you think they would earn?


An Affiliate That Share The Apps;

For an affiliate that has 40 apps users, you will earn $1 each for downloading the apps.

Therefore, 40 apps users x $1= $40 per week.

Monthly earning will be ($40 wkly X 4wks) = $160 per month.

Senerio Two


If the same affiliate had 100 users instead of 40, then he will earn ($100 wkly X 4wks) = $ 400 per month,just for distributing a free app.

Considering a network of over 1000 affiliate,below is the potential earning.See image below.


Adkash Potential Earning


So, you can see the potential earning from a large network of adkash users.

But for you to know how you can become an authorized mobile ads publisher of this company,i would like to invite you to our upcoming seminar which will come up on the 18th of january of 2013 at INFOAGE office,ikeja opposite water parks,toyin street,ikeja,Lagos.

FEE =N=1,000 naira per participant.

Payment should be made into this account;

Account Name:- Tomiwa Orunnipin

Account Number:- 0017444397

Bank Name:- G.T.Bank.

On or before the 18th January 2013 and text your * NAME* EMAIL*PHONENO* to 07045309037.

Come to the venue with your android mobile phone with android version 2.5 upward.

Remember,we have a limited seat to accommodate interested participant and it’s going to be a first come first serve basis.See you there!

The mobile advertising industry is a $3.3 billion industry in 2011 and is projected to become a $20.6 billion by 2015.Come and learn how you too can claim your share of this BILLION DOLLAR industry.

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  • somto

    How would you get people to use d app and u gwt a dollar from them? Hw do u refer to them on that?

    • The best way to get people using the application is by becoming an affiliate to the company.Once they are active by making sure that the apps is install on their phone,and they receive calls and SMS on it,you will earn a dollar on each one of them that it’s under your generation either directly sponsor by you or not.

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